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A Boy And His Deck

Starring Dom Chambers

Dom Chambers at The Malthouse Theatre

Dom Chambers multi-award winning show A BOY AND HIS DECK finally makes it’s debut in Melbourne next month at The Malthouse Theatre. After multiple seasons at Perth Fringeworld and Adelaide Fringe, it’s here for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Here’s a video teaser!





Winner Best Magic 2021 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award

Dom Chambers’ unconventional magic has made him an online sensation, garnered fans around the world and landed him on a Broadway stage.

A Boy and His Deck is his coming-of-age story.

Playing cards, a mysterious underground legend and an impossible quest for both approval and individuality – A Boy and His Deck is an hysterical glimpse into the life of an obsessed teenager trying to find his path as a magician.

One thing is certain – you’ll never look at a deck of cards in the same way again.

‘Hilarious and worthy of five stars. ★★★★★’ GlamAdelaide 

‘Hilarious, naughty, entertaining and mind-blowing. ★★★★★’ Eventalaide

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