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Daniel J Shields

Victoria, Australia

Daniel got a late start in magic. Unlike many magicians who were inspired at a young age he was almost in his 30’s by the time he was bitten by the magic bug. During his 20’s he got a start in playing poker with some friends whilst serving in the Army. He became an avid poker player during the next few years relying mostly on online poker, due to the Army having him stationed at remote locations.

After online poker was banned in Australia he looked for a new way to fill his time and stumbled across some old Penn and Teller footage on YouTube. That’s when the bug hit. Since then he has really devoted himself to the craft and has travelled far and wide to perform in the last few years, including travelling to the Middle East over the Christmas period of 2018 to perform for soldiers of all nations who were unable to make it home for the holidays.


Daniel is bringing his first ever show to The Melbourne Magic Festival this year.