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Dane Certificate

New South Wales, Australia

Dane Certificate is an Australian magician originally from Albury, NSW who spent his childhood on an Ostrich farm. Dane was part of the Albury City Band (trombone and percussion) at a young age and formed a family band visiting aged cares in the town with old favourites for the residents.

While visiting an Auntie in Newcastle, her partner sparked the idea that the world isn’t at all what it seems with a library of interesting books… that magicians who tell you they will fool you are not the only ones.

Dane has practiced magic for several years and only started performing the art in his mid 20s; coming from a musical background, composing original music led Dane to start creating his own original magic.

“I enjoy original musicians and also original magicians ”

Dane has opened a little magic theatre and bar and recently a Magic Parlour in Albury and travels to other parts of the world once a year.


Dane is bringing two different shows to The Melbourne Magic Festival this year.