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Hello Tim,

What can I say…. The Magic Gala Show was a great family evening out full of entertainment and surprises at all levels.

The performance by each magician was great, the MC Simon was superb, there were many laughs and the show had amazing acts of magic.

My daughter who is 11 loved the gala and my partner was surprised and laughed at the entertainment. I just wanted to say thank you for a great school holiday evening out.


Jim Pongas





Watched The Greatest Magic Show… what a fabulous show! Funny, entertaining and engaging; great magic tricks too! We loved it. Thanks 🙂

Annamaria Jones


Funtastic funny show, loads of energy, kids loved it, would definitely come again.

Nik and co.


Was entertained before l went into the show, never knew it has been going for 15 yrs. Blown away by the quirkiness of the magic vibe of the night. Loved it & will definitely will bring a bigger crowd next time. Yay 😁

Valentina Davis


My 12yo son and I loved the Greatest Magic Show today. When a lot of the kids there were very young I was concerned he’d be too old, but he had a great time. Thanks!

Rebecca Doherty


Went to the childrens greatest magic show.. it was fantastic!. Energetic and great fun.

Annette Crock


We went to The Greatest Magic Show. The kids aged 8 an 5 absolutely loved it – both said it was better than Gruffalo stage production and better than the Windsor Hotel High Tea that we went to yesterday (both cost heaps more than your magic show). Thank you for such excellent entertainment guys. Such a happy enthusiastic vibe throughout – from the bloke who I bought a coke from who gave me free lolly pops for my two grandkids, to the entertainers, just everyone and everything. It was obvious that you are all passionate about your craft and these shows.  Very funny too.

Rhonda Jamieson


I took 3 boys, ages 6,7 and 9. They loved it and came home practicing magic tricks and waving their wands on the tram My only criticism is that it was hard to see for the youngest, with adults in front of him Is it possible to raise the stage?






Could not stop laughing. Never a dull moment. Almost wet myself but refused to ho to the bathroom because of FOMO. The banter with the audience was superior. Trick and jokes were too teir perfectly executed. Music selection was excellent! Best show ever.

Well done Aiden

Marty Hunt




I was great

Marty Briscoe


Went to Josh Staler’s The conjurer at the card table and it was an awesome show! also went to Jo’s unusual objects at the laneway theatre where we also saw Tim Ellis’ The menu is live and all the shows were just wow 👍

Michael Wong


Magic! Awesome!

Chee Mun Chan



The Quizzical Mr Jeff was magical, mysterious and comedic. We really enjoyed the show. Our favourite parts were the rings and the balloon. We would highly recommend this show to people who don’t know what to choose.

Sheree Roseler



Great magic show yesterday noirs lived it!

Lyla Hennig




Hi team,

Tonight I saw the Odyssey. It was my first time going to the Melbourne Magic festival. I really loved the show, tricks were great and impressive. The ending was a little weird tho as he said do you want to see one more trick, we said yes but then he left and we watched a promo video, just was really an odd way to end a show but otherwise was great.

Once thing that could improve is the audio quality. The sound wasn’t the greatest, the clearest and did cut-out multiple times, so a new headset could do with an upgrade.

But overall loves it, thank you!! And hopefully I’m now in the draw to win some prizes!!

Thank you,

Scott Phillips




Awesome show! Loved every bit of it!!



Saw Headlines and it was lose your sh#t hilarious and amazing all at the same time! Loved it!!!

Nada Di Sario




Last night we saw Lachlan perform World of Wonders. What a fantastic show! He took us on a trip around the world whilst performing the best magic. Not only was the magic and storytelling great, but he had the audience laughing regularly as well.

Thanks Lachlan for a fun and enthralling evening.

Louisa O’Neill


Amazing show Lachlan, thank you!

Ceren Ayas Yilmaz