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Vincent Kuo - Champion


Australian Champion of Magic


When Coronavirus cancelled The Melbourne Magic Festival this year one of the biggest concerns was would we be able to stage the event to select our Australian representative to the World Championships of Magic?

Every three years the FISM World Championships are hosted in a different city in the world and 150 magicians compete for the coveted title ‘World Champion of Magic’.

Australia gets to send just one entrant, and each time they do very well… but with no way to host our event in public this year, would we simply forfeit our right to compete?

Thankfully, we were able to adapt and seven entrants from all over Australia (and New Zealand) competed virtually on the Melbourne Magic Festival Facebook Page in front of over 3,500 viewers from all over the world.

  • – Chong Hwang (NZ)
  • – Mr Marmalade (VIC)
  • – Dazzling Dan (VIC)
  • – Josh Staley (VIC)
  • – The Quizzical Mr Jeff (VIC)
  • – Chi Han Yeo (VIC)
  • –  Vincent Kuo (NSW)


They were judged via Zoom by international superstars of magic including:


  • Kate Medvedeva (FISM Jury member from Russia)
  • Shaw Farquhar (FISM World Champion from Canada)
  • Eric Eswin (Past International President of FISM)
  • and our non-magician judge Eugene Wong (MMF Board of Advisers)


The winner was VINCENT KUO from Sydney who presented an exceptionally brilliant and highly original act with Rubik Cubes that looked like live CGI special effects. The climax of the act came when Vincent threw a shattered cube to the ground and it visually reassembled itself as it floated through the air back onto the table.

Vincent also received a $2,000 cash prize as well as the title AUSTRALIAN MAGIC CHAMPION.

You can catch a replay of the live streamed show on the Melbourne Magic Festival Facebook Page for the next two weeks here:

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