The Confidence Artist

Starring Nicholas J Johnson







Starring Nicholas J Johnson

Nicholas J. Johnson is a liar and a cheat.  

Join him for this crash course in con artistry as this multi-award winning magician and best-selling author teaches you how to become a world class swindler.  Discover the secret of telling a good lie, how to cheat at cards without getting caught, why people fall for the oldest tricks in the books and learn a long con so baffling, it’s still fooling suckers five hundred years after its invention.  

Nicholas has racked up two decades experience exposing swindlers for major companies (Microsoft, ANZ, Sony) top rated television shows (TODAY, Kids WB, The Real Hustle) and in his critically acclaimed books (Chasing The Ace, Fast & Loose).  

A college for con artists, a school for scoundrels and a TedTalk for tricksters, Nicholas J. Johnson’s The Confidence Artist is a magic show with a difference.  Just don’t trust him.  

“Hilarious…Nicholas is as good a laugh as he is a con artist” – Herald Sun

 “Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.” – Squirrel Comedy  

“There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight of hand gets out of hand).” – Canberra Times


You can also catch Nicholas J Johnson hosting the show THE BEST OF THE MAGIC FEST 9.30pm almost every night of the festival

Nicholas J. Johnson
is a man who spins yarns and deceives the eye.  He is a multi-award winning magician and comedian, a best-selling author and a collector of cons, scams and fraud.  Whatever you do, don’t trust him. If there is one thing know, it is scams.  

After decades of rubbing shoulders with fraudsters and liars, I work as a magician, author and consultant, exposing the tricks of the con artist’s trade.  

My live shows have featured at corporate events, high schools schools and private events simultaneously entertaining and educating audiences about swindlers and scams.  

As an expert on fraud and deception I has appeared on A Current Affair, The Project, Sunrise, Kid’s WB, Today, Radio National, Triple J and more. I have consulted with everyone from magician David Blaine to Circus Oz.  A critically acclaimed comedian and Melbourne magician, I’ve performed at Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Magic Festival and the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  

My two novels, Chasing the Ace and Fast and Loose, are in shops now.


  • 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival – Best Comedy
  • 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival Moosehead Award Winner
  • 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival Golden Gibbo Nominee
  • 2014 Candlelight Productions Award For Artistic Excellence
  • 2014 Ned Kelly Award Best New Fiction Nominee
  • 2007 Australian Skeptics Critical Thinking Prize (Special Mention)
  • 2000 Raw Comedy State Winner
  • 1987 Best Colouring In – Mrs Allan’s Year 2 Class





 50-60 min show

 ADULT SHOW Ages 12-18+

 A$28, C$22, G$20

 ALL TIX $12 JULY 4 

  Before & after the show