The Australian Junior Championships of Magic

Starring the future of magic






Starring the future of magic

Australian Junior Championships of Magic

Each year The Melbourne Magic Festival hosts two categories of The Australian Junior Championships:


Congratulations to our 2017 winner, Prue Spencer, who took out both titles!

Past champions have gone on to present their own solo shows both here and at other festivals, while others have made TV appearances and even travelled overseas to represent Australia in Magic contests in Las Vegas, Shanghai and beyond!

Our Championships are open to anyone aged under 18 years on the day of the competition and are residents of Australia. 

If you know a young person who loves performing magic, please invite them along, if not to compete then to encourage and support those who are taking their first steps in this amazing art of ours and to be inspired themselves.


If you have any questions, please email

‘The Australian Junior Championships of Magic’ (AJCM) are an initiative of the Australian Institute of Magic (AIM) and form part of the AIM Juniors program designed to develop and inspire young magicians. The Championships take place during the Melbourne Magic Festival in the Winter School Holidays and are a platform for young performers to learn the process of act development while forming relationships with their peers in a fun and encouraging environment.


Contestants must arrive no later than 1.5 hours before the start time of the championships in order to set up, see the theatre, and go over any technical requirements.

It is expected that a parent or guardian will attend with each young performer but that the young performer. Parents/guardians will be permitted backstage but asked to leave this area no less than 20 mins before the start of the show. Performers will be supervised and provided moral support by the event co-ordinators as they prepare to go onstage.


All contestants are entitled to 1 x complimentary ticket for their parent or guardian.

Additional tickets can be purchased online


This competition is open to all young magicians under the age of 18 on the day of the Championships.

There are two separate categories:

– Stage Magic – A performance of magic presented on stage.

– Close Up Magic – A performance of magic performed seated or standing behind a table.

A contestant will:

Present an act of at least three minutes and not more than five minutes.

Pay an entry fee of $30 per category they wish to perform in. ($60 if performing in both).


Each Act will be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes.

Performances, mainly depending on a pre-arrangement between the contestant and a volunteer or assistant in the know, are not considered magic performances. The contest, being a contest on the performance of magic, the Jury can decide to disqualify the contestant. In case of doubt the competitor will be asked to explain the method used and, if necessary, to repeat the effect in front of the judging panel.

Fire effects are not permitted as part of any act.

A contestant must be ready to perform his act at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. The jury may disqualify a contestant who is not ready by this ten-minute notice.

Contestants must be able to set up and execute their own act without the assistance of a parent/guardian/adult. Stage hands will be provided to assist with moving props on and off stage.

An act begins when the contestant enters the stage or when the music of the act starts, whichever comes first.

When introducing a contestant, the Master of Ceremonies of the competition will refrain from any comment on the performer or the act, restricting the announcement to the name of the contestant.

A first place winner must not compete with the same act that was previously awarded first place.


First Prize:

Only a first-prize winner is entitled to use the title of: “Australian Junior Champion” along with the category title, plus the year of its acquisition (e.g., “Australian Junior Champion of Stage Magic 2014” or ” Australian Junior Champion of Close Up Magic 2014″). The title must be used in its entirety and should not be altered or used in part.

The winner of each competition will receive $500, a trophy, and the title appropriate to the category participated in:  Australian Junior Champion of Stage Magic or Australian Junior Champion of Close Up Magic.

2nd Prize:

A Second-prize winner will receive a trophy and $300.

3rd Prize:

A Third-prize winner will receive a trophy and $200.


All contestants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The jury is entitled to award a special contest award for ‘Most Original Act’ to the act (in any category) that can justify such a decision.


The Jury will be comprised of three prominent members of The Australian Institute of Magic, including The President of the AIM. If this is not possible the President and members of the AIM will engage judges whom they deem as competent and knowledgeable in the areas of magic and/or performance. 


The jury shall give a fair judgment on the performance of every contestant, without prejudice, with an equal level of critical standards in regard to the following six aspects:

Technical Skill / Handling.

  • Showmanship / Presentation
  • Entertainment value
  • Artistic Impression / Routining
  • Originality
  • Magic Atmosphere



The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne 

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Staged every year during the Melbourne Magic Festival