MMF in the Media

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MMF 2017


Peter Nguyen in the Leader

Anthony DeMasi – Leader

Nicholas J Johnson – Herald Sun Live List

Nicholas J Johnson – Preston Leader

Micky Trickstar – Star Weekly

Josh Staley in The Leader

Lee Eun Gyeol in Melbourne Journal

Lee Cohen in Holiday With KIds Magazine

Lee Cohen in Jetstar Magazine

EG Lee in the Melbourne Journal

E G Lee in the Melbourne Journal



Alex on KidsWB #1

Alex on KidsWB #2





Cath Jamison – 3RRR

Cath Jamison – Kiis FM

  • WYN FM (Book, Stage & Screen) Tim Ellis
  • ABC (The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine) Tim Ellis
  • 3AW Darren James – Nicholas Johnson
  • 3RRR – Pierre Ulric
  • 774 – Nicholas Johnson
  • 3MDR – Tim Ellis
  • 3AW – Anthony DeMasi
  • JoyFM – Cath Jamison
  • Kiis FM – Cath Jamison (return appearance)
  • SBS Radio – E G Lee


MMF 2016




Studio 10 – Cardistry


KIDSWB – Anthony DeMasi, Alex dela Rambelje, Gali


The World’s Longest Magic Show 9 News


The World’s Longest Magic Show – The Today Show

  • ABC TV News (World’s Longest Magic Show)
  • The Project (World’s Longest Magic Show)
  • Nine News (After breaking the world record)


  • ABC Digital with Serpel Senelmis (Nicholas J Johnson)
  • 88.3 Southern Radio (Josh Staley)
  • 3RRR with Richard Watts (Tim Ellis)
  • ABC Radio with Serpil Senelmis (Nicholas J Johnson)
  • ABC Radio with Red Symons (Lee Cohen)
  • 3AW with Darren James (Tim Ellis)
  • Rete Italia with Tony Tardio (Anthony DeMasi)





M Magazine Cover Story


Manningham Leader – Julian Berghella


Peninsula Leader – Cath Jamison


The Age – Nicola Gidley


The Age MMF Stage Gala Review


Beat Interview – Pierre Ulric


Mordialloc Chelsea Leader – Peter Nguyen

Weekend Review

Weekly Review


Daily Review – Nicholas J Johnson


Preston Leader and Northcote Leader – Nicholas J Johnson


The Weekly Review – Top 5 Show Picks


Beat Magazine back cover – Pierre Ulric


Stonnington Leader – Anthony DeMasi


Herald Sun – Dom Chambers, Tim Ellis, Lee Cohen


Maroondah Leader – David Chandler


Melbourne Observer – Tracy Tam


Caulfield Leader – Raymond Truong

Magic Festival 001

Melbourne Observer – Max Maven

Magic 001

Melbourne Observer – Dane Certifcate


Whittlesea Leader – Tim Credible


Whittlesea Leader – Tim Credible


MMF 2016

MMF 2015

Nigel Xu on SBS Radio

Also radio interviews on 3RRR, SYN, JoyFM, SBS Radio, 2GB, 3AW


MMF 2014

Northcote Leader - May 30, 2014 melb child june

Also several radio interviews of 3WBC, 3RRR, JoyFM, 774ABC, and The Conversation, plus Magic Tony & Alex dela Rambelje on KidsWB on TV channel 9


MMF 2013

10-MMF-2013-A4 Exhibit-R3 Exhibit S3 Exhibit-T3 Exhibit U3 Exhibit-V3 Exhibit W3 Exhibit-X3 Exhibit Y3 Exhibit Q3 Exhibit-Z3 Exhibit-A4 Exhibiit-B4 Exhibit G5 Exhibit-Y4 Exhibit C4 Exhibit-D4 Exhibit P3 Exhibit-U4 Exhibit J4 Exhibit-E4 Exhibit-A5 Exhibit-Z4 Exhibit F4 Exhibit N3 Exhibit K4 Exhibit-H4 everggg Exhibit I4 Exhibit D5 Exhibit-E5 Exhibit F5 Exhibit G4 Exhibit-L4 Exhibit B5 Exhibit-M4 Exhibit N4 Exhibit O4 Exhibit-V4 Exhibit O3 Exhibit P4 Exhibit R4 Exhibit-W4 Exhibit Q4 Exhibit-S4 Exhibit T4 Exhibit-C5 Exhibit-X4 Exhibit H5 cleaners

  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured on Channel 31’s TV show Living Melbourne on July 3
  • An MMF mini documentary was made for Channel 31
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured on a Channel 31 advertisement.


MMF 2012

Exhibit P2 Exhibit Zz2 Exhibit Z2 Exhibit W2 Exhibit T2 Exhibit-Y2 Exhibit C3 Exhibit E3 Exhibit B3 Exhibit-F3 Exhibit-G3 Exhibit R2 Exhibit D3 Exhibit U2 Exhibit V2 Exhibit S2 Exhibit-X2 Exhibit A3 Exhibit-J3 Exhibit-H3 Dom2012

  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was listed in The Age Saturday Life and Style section.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured in a story on the Channel Ten TV show ‘The Circle’ on August 20

MMF 2011

Exhibit M1 Exhibit K2 Exhibit U1 Exhibit B2 Exhibit X1 Exhibit Y1 Exhibit O2 Exhibit-L2 Exhibit-M2 Exhibit-N2 Exhibit-E2 Exhibit F2 Exhibit A2 Exhibit D2 Exhibit-I2 Exhibit V1 Exhibit Pp1 Exhibit-G2 extraWEE Exhibit T1 Exhibit Z1 Exhibit W1 Exhibit R1 Exhibit S1 Exhibit-H2 Dom-2011 SamHume

  • Anthony DeMasi was featured in the Leader newspaper.
  • Lee Cohen was featured on the Channel 31 TV show The Comedy Box,


MMF 2010

Exhibit S Exhibit F1 Exhibit G1 extra2010 dan Exhibit E1 EXTRA-2010-gog Exhibit D1 Exhibit-U Exhibit-C1 Exhibit Ee1 Exhibit Z Exhibit-J1 Exhibit-Y Exhibit H1 Exhibit-B1 extra2010simon Exhibit A1 Exhibit-W Exhibit K1 Exhibit L1 Exhibit I1

  • Tim Ellis and Simon Coronel were interviewed on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ on June 13.
  • ‘Sunrise’ made several live crosses to The Melbourne Magic Festival on Sunday July 4.
  • Christopher Bisset was interviewed in Beat Magazine.
  • Mada vs Vegas was featured in Central Magazine.
  • Nicholas J Johnson appeared live on the Channel Ten TV show ‘The Project’ broadcasting from Melbourne Magic Festival on July 2.


MMF 2009

Exhibit K Exhibit Mm Exhibit J Exhibit-R Exhibit-M 3aw Exhibit-P Exhibit N Exhibit-Q

  • The Melbourne Times ran a feature story on the Melbourne Magic Festival.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured in the May issue of the magazine for schools ‘Indigo For Girls’.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was listed in the events guide of the Royal Auto magazine.
  • Lee Cohen was interviewed in The Heidelberg Leader.
  • Lee Cohen was featured in The Saturday Age with a picture of Lee Cohen and story in the section ‘The Weekend Starts Here’.

  • Anthony DeMasi was featured in the MX newspaper.
  • Simon Coronel was featured in The Herald Sun Live List section.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured on SYN TV in four different interviews in June.


MMF 2008

Exhibit B Exhibit G GroggyWiz Exhibit I Exhibit F L to R: Robbie Buck, Marieke Hardy and Lindsay McDougall Exhibit E GroggyMagiComedy GroggyScamtastic GroggyHyp

  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured in The Herald Sun ‘In Black and White’ section on August 9.
  • Performers from the Melbourne Magic Festival appeared on the two different episodes Channel 31 TV program ‘Get Cereal’.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured in The Sunday Herald Sun ‘What’s On’ section on Sep 21.
  • ‘The Wizards of Aus’ was featured in The Northcote Leader.
  • ‘Kikkii the Klown’ was featured in The Moreland Leader.
  • The Herald Sun published a feature article about the Melbourne Magic Festival written by the Arts Editor entitled ‘Magic Gets it’s Mojo Back’.
  • Nicholas J Johnson appeared on Channel Nine’s TV show ‘A Current Affair’ on September 24 when they did a story on his Melbourne Magic Festival show ‘Scamtastic’.
  • The Age ran a ‘Spotlight’ feature promoting the Melbourne Magic Festival.
  • The Melbourne Magic Festival was listed in Events Guide of the Qantas Inflight Magazine.
  • Tim Ellis appeared live on breakfast radio on 3RRR on September 25 performing magic and promoting the Melbourne Magic Festival.
  • The Age EG ran a ticket giveaway competition on September 20 for the Melbourne Magic Festival show ‘MagiComedy’ and over 100 readers entered the competition.
  • The Italian newspaper ‘Il Globo’ ran an article promoting the Melbourne Magic Festival.