MMF Hub Information

The MMF Hub is now located at 35 Johnston St, Collingwood.


The first thing guests will see as they enter arrive are the open gates onto the forecourt of the Melba Spiegeltent


Tickets will be on sale during the Festival from the Melba Box Office.

There is also a bar inside the Spiegeltent

The Spiegeltent layout is like this

As you can see from these pics of the stage


There are no wings on either side. We will be creating wings using black curtains and the red MMF banners which will run all the way from the edge of the stage to the edges of the tent (indicated in RED on the plan above), creating better sight lines and allowing us to use some of the booths as backstage preparation areas

Artists impression

Backstage there is quite a bit of space

As well as access from both sides, there is also access to the stage through the centre gap in the star-cloth, if anyone would like to use it.

The Melba Spiegeltent will have basic lighting, sound and (if required) video facilities. Tech specs are coming soon.

We will also provide you with a tech/operator who knows the system, but we strongly recommend you bring someone to sit with them and call your show if possible.



Our 60 seat venue is called SAWTOOTH STUDIO. It has previously been used as a pop up bar.

We will be created our theatre in this room in the building next to the Spiegeltent (where the new Magic Central will be)

A 2m deep stage will be placed in front of the red curtain (which extends the full width) and the only entrance to the stage will be from stage left (where the man is walking in the photo above).

6 rows of 10 seats will be placed in the studio (flat seating) and these can be replaced by mats for kids show or workshop seating.

Backstage space is quite small

But there is also a lockable cage for storage of larger props. (Yes, it will be much emptier at MMF time…)


Sawtooth Studio will have basic lighting, sound and (if required) video facilities designed to suit those who present shows in that venue.

Like the Spiegeltent, we will provide you with a tech/operator (Tom Orchard) but we strongly recommend you bring someone to sit with him and call your show if possible.


Magic Central (our bar) will be located between The Melba Spiegeltent and Sawtooth Studio. It will be similar to the photo below but will have a clear, walled marquee custom built around it and heaters going all night.