Marcelo Insúa Magic Lecture and Workshop

The Magic School of Confidence, 161 Waverley Rd, Malvern East

Marcelo Insúa Magic Lecture and Workshop

The Magic School of Confidence, 161 Waverley Rd, East Malvern   Thursday July 5, 7.30pm



  • Thursday July 5, 7.30pm

NOTE: Arrive at 7.00pm – the lecture commences promptly at 7.30pm


Marcelo Insúa also known as Mr. Tango, is a full entertainment magician, creator, lecturer, magic consultant and mentalist. He won the Invention Award at FISM in 2012.

He is the founder and owner of the famous Bar Mágico of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he performs every week close up and parlour stages shows.

He also founder the prestigious factory of gaffed coins and magic products Tango Magic.

Following his win at FISM , he travelled to 30 countries lecturing and sharing his inventions, the most famous are:

  • T.U.C, this coin allowed him win the FISM prize, considered the best gaffed coin ever.
  • Shared Dreams: a modern new way to perform the famous confabulation effect.
  • The Unmemorized deck: a great work using a unknowledge Gardner principle.
  • Tango A.C.A.A.N: considered one of the best acaans for the Genii reviewers.

As artist, he is right now, shooting a TV program around Argentina, showing the most typical places of his country and doing magic.

The parliament of his city awarded him the most important distinction for an artist, he was elected as Outstanding Personality of Culture of Buenos Aires.

The Magic school of Confidence is excited to be hosting Marcelo’s magic workshop. If you have ever used any of Marcelo’s amazing products you don’t want to miss the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the master creator and maker.

Here’s what some of the world’s best magicians have to say about Marcelo.

Woody Aragon:
“Marcelo Insúa (Mr.Tango) does a creative and beautiful magic, do not miss it!”

Charlie Frye:
“Great ideas combined with excellent craftsmanship.”

Anthony Blake:
“Marcelo Insua is not only a great person, is one of the most creatives minds. in the magical world If you never seen a lecture from him, you lose one of the more creative experiences in our world Highly recommended If you lose it, don’t cry.”


  • All Tickets: $40



Workshop for ages 9 to 18++