Gone Girl

Starring Dom & Dumber







Starring Dom & Dumber

For Dom Chambers, life as a magician is a sweet one. But when his dog is suddenly kidnapped, he is thrust head first into a perilous cross-border adventure to save her. Drawing on his unique talents, he soon uncovers a complex web of deceit, and spirals ever closer to a blood-chilling truth that will change him forever.

The beloved sketch comedy magicians, Dom and Dumber (Dom Chambers, Bayden Hammond), return with their brand new show, Gone Girl. Featuring their original and award-winning breed of entertainment, the show follows one man and the epic quest to save his kidnapped dog.

“We wanted to raise the bar for our second show,” explains Dom. “Rather than a series of unrelated sketches, we wanted there to be a compelling story arc that tied them all together.”

And quite the story it became. Showcasing their trademark cast of quirky characters, this second instalment is an unabashedly shameless spoof of Hollywood thrillers, complete with a mind-bending plot twist that you won’t see coming. And, with a clever array of magic and illusion woven into the story, Dom and Dumber will once again leave you gasping and laughing out loud, all in the same breath.

“I like to think of it as Harold & Kumar meets Taken” Bayden muses. “A genre mashup of theatrical comedy and psychological thriller, sautéed with a dash of David Copperfield.”

Dom and Dumber’s Gone Girl debuts at this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival, running from July 11-15. And with their previous show achieving sell-out success at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, audiences can look forward to falling in love with this cheeky duo all over again.

Show rated M15+ (adult themes, coarse language).

Dom Chambers
is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos and artistic live performances. Dom relies on world-class sleight-of-hand, his cheeky wit and a unique ability to connect with all people, in all situations, to win over his audiences.

Bayden Hammond is a Melbourne based entertainer, specialising in a unique blend of comedy, magic and mentalism. His passion for the art extends over ten years, and includes travels across Australia and the US. He is the founder and producer of Top Hat Tuesdays, Melbourne’s longest running monthly magic show, and also one half of the sketch comedy duo, Dom and Dumber.








 55 min show

 ADULT SHOW Ages 15-18+

 A$30, C$24, F$90, G$24

 ALL TIX $12 JULY 11


  Before & after the show