Daz Buckley’s ‘Bedazzled’

Starring Daz Buckley







Starring Daz Buckley

Daz Buckley’s Bedazzled is a musical, magical and hilarious look at life through the eyes of magician, illusionist and sleight of hand expert Daz Buckley.

Enjoy the mystery as Daz takes you on a comedy tribute to the legendary master magician Houdini. Marvel at illusions added just for this festival show and performed by Daz for 40 years in his lifelong search for magic, wonder and art. Sit tight as a spectator’s signed playing card is caught….on a chainsaw… whilst he’s blindfolded ! This and much more, as Daz Buckley’s Bedazzled is one of the funniest and most original new shows in 2017.

Fresh from a successful run at the Brisbane Anywhere Festival, and directed by internationally acclaimed master magician Jay Scott Berry, Bedazzled has captured audiences attention with its fun and original magical presentations, and is sure to be one of the hits of the Melbourne Magic Festival in 2017. Melbourne, and the Melbourne Magic Festival, may never be the same after being Bedazzled. And neither may you.

“I look forward to bringing my original brand of family fun and magic to everyone in Melbourne, but please get in early to guarantee a seat. You really don’t want to miss Bedazzled. I really hope to see you there!”

Daz Buckley
was bitten by the magic bug at 12, tagging along with a friend to a shop that sold jokes and gags. He also saw things the like of which the young man had never seen or imagined before; magic that promised to open a whole new world of mystery, secrets and wonder.

By  age  13  Daz  was  putting  on  shows  at children’s birthday  parties  and  by  16  he  made his  TV  debut  on  the nationally  televised  talent shows  of  the  day,  with  finals  appearances confirming  the  young  magician’s  talent  and audience  appeal. By  age 17 he had performed on every commercial network in Australia. He was also developing another talent that he discovered around the same time; singing. At 18 he made the decision to pursue a potential music  career,  leaving  the  magic  scene  behind  for  good,  or so  he  thought,  and  spent  the  next  8  years  in  his  local hometown music scene, as a front man known for his big rock voice, versatility, and onstage charisma.

Daz took a more traditional route for a number of years, getting married, raising a family and building a corporate career with a number of top 10  companies in Australia. In 2009,  at age 44, he suffered a  heart attack.  This health scare  would  re-ignite  a  renewed  interest  is  his  love  of performing,  and  a  drive  to  amaze  and  entertain  yet  again. After  a  triple  bypass  operation  to  save  his  life, he  had  time  to  reflect,  realizing  that  he  still  harbored  a  love  for magic, music, and the mystery arts, and that is where his future lay. He  began  developing  material  for  a  solo  show,  and  whilst  he  was  working  behind  the  counter  of  the  local  magic shop “The  Magic  Vault”  he  met  fellow  magician,  Austin  Albert.  They  soon  began  developing  an  original  2  person comedy magic  act, “The Bohemia Bros”, performing numerous corporate and theatre appearances in Queensland and interstate in 2012 and 2013.

Daz was also hard at work developing and producing a new solo theatre show, “Secrets and Lies”, which debuted  successfully  at the Brisbane Fringe Festival in August 2014. Early 2015 saw him  producing his next show, the card cheat and conman expose “Shade”. A  paradigm  leap  in  2015,  with  a  desire  to  finish  and  perform  imagined  routines  he  had  aspired  to  perform  as  a teenager, found Daz combining his twin loves of magic and singing into a one-of-a-kind, never before seen, original performance  style.  Classic  rock  music  used  as  backing  for  original,  cutting  edge  magic  and  illusions,  but  also  to carry Daz’ strong rock vocals and create a unique world class show. It’s magic……………..but it’s not just magic.

He  is  currently  busy  with  cabaret  and  corporate  performances,  performing  his  stage  shows  across  cities  in Australia, and close up performances for corporate clients and casino night companies,  where he also performs his con man/card cheat act, and general walk around entertainment. 





 60 min show

 FAMILY SHOW Ages 0-18+

 A$24, C$18, K$18, F$70, G$19


  Before & after the show