A Night of Variety 2

Starring Raymond Truong







Starring Raymond Truong

A Night of Variety part 2, featuring award winning variety artist Raymond Truong.

Raymond Truong has twice won the Australian Society of Magicians annual magic competition. He is known for blending magic, juggling and physical comedy to create a unique fast paced act. In a Night of Variety part 2 Raymond Truong will share some of his favourite pieces, with an emphasis on close-up effects.

Known for his high degree of skill in a variety of different theatrical disciplines, this is sure to be a treat for you and your whole family.  Raymond Truong will demonstrate his technically impressive juggling, his spellbinding magic and hilarious physical comedy all for in A Night of Variety part 2.

He will show you some old street scams, some creative close up and give a special treat to the ladies of the audience. True to his word there will also be some variety with some of Raymond Truong’s juggling, physical comedy and acrobatics.

A variety artist known for his wit and humour on stage, Raymond Truong’s A Night of Variety is sure to be a pleaser for you and your whole family. 

Raymond Truong
was first bitten by the performing bug when he was very young. He was performing at his ballet school’s rendition of The Nut Cracker when he fell in love with being on stage. His love of dance at this age coupled with his training at gymnastics ensured he was able to stand out amongst the crowd while performing. It was here that Raymond realised that he wanted to be on stage for the rest of his life.

Learning these foundations in ballet and gymnastics have served him well by being able to bring these skills to the stage.

When Raymond was 13 he was at his best friends birthday bar mitzvah celebration and saw a performer doing close up magic. It was here that Raymond discovered what he wanted to do while performing. Being captivated by seeing the impossible done so close captivated Raymond in a way that he is now able to do with his audiences.

Raymond aims to create a moment of pure astonishment in all in his performance while making sure his audiences have a laugh along the way. His magic and his humour ensure he is a winning act.

Raymond was 22 when he saw a live circus juggling performance on stage. The juggler was enchanting and inspired Raymond to incorporate this in his act. To this day he continues to hone his craft of magic and juggling each day to ensure the best act he is capable of showing.

Combined with his physical comedy and his fast paced style ensure that his audience are applauding and laughing at the same time. On stage Raymond mixes a variety of theatrical disciplines to bring a winning combination of magic, juggling, mime and physical comedy. His displays of skill mixed with his humour ensure that he never fails to amaze at each of his shows!!




 45-60 min show

 FAMILY SHOW Ages 5-18+

 A$15, C$15, K$20, F$55, G$10


  Before & after the show